Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Greetings from Lady Venus!

Greetings, everyone! I'm thrilled to be back!

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Of course, I picked a Friday to help John out, because that's my day, if you didn't know. Many people think it's the best day of the week. In my own mind, "TGIF" actually stands for "Thank Goddess It's Friday"!

I gotta say I like this picture a lot better than the one they normally use for me. Please excuse my language but what the fuck is it with me and the damn shell? That's the one everybody uses. It's either that or my breasts are so accentuated that you don't see anything else. Come on...give a lady some respect, will you? Sure, maybe I like to get it on a little more than most goddesses but that's beside the point. Oh shit...I went off on another tangent, didn't I? Sorry!

Anyway, John was too busy packing for his vacation to say much...but he mentioned that things have been a bit...turbulent since I've been retrograde. So even though I didn't have a choice about going retro, I apologize if anyone has re-evaluated their relationship with you and found it wanting. That's unfortunately what happens.

But if you have taken the time to notice negative patterns in your own relationships, or in your work life, now is the time to address them. You owe that person or that job at least that much...usually. Hopefully you do. If you don't, well...that's more Mars' department than mine.

Speaking of John, likely he is heading toward his cruise ship right now. I hear that some of the other planets have gotten together to form a betting pool to see whether or not John actually relaxes. Since it's the beginning of his trip, they asked me to post the tote board. I've reluctantly said I would, and you'll find it below. But we're not there yet...I've got one more topic I'd like to address. 

Today is September 11, and unfortunately, for a number of years it hasn't been a regular day anymore. So I need to take a moment to thank all of the people who put their lives on the line every day. I'd also like to express my sincere gratitude to the many people all over this country and serving overseas who you will never meet, and who do work that you will never hear about, to keep you safe. To me, every one of them is a hero, just by showing up for work and serving. I can't thank all of you enough! While the United States has many flaws, because of the freedoms we enjoy you can hear my words without restriction. 

I promised I would provide the betting pool on John relaxing. So here's how the planets came in with their various scenarios:

12-1 John relaxes on days at sea and barely thinks about anything else during those times, but doesn't relax on port days. (Mars)
20-1 John ends up purchasing Internet on the cruise ship to help de-tox more slowly. (Mercury)
30-1 John goes cold turkey and barely switches on his phone, even on land. (Pluto)
40-1 John doesn't think about work at all, including this blog. (Jupiter)
50-1 John does the unthinkable and doesn't think about anything at all except having a great time. (Sun)
75-1 John spends lots of time drinking and then composing bad poetry (Neptune??)
100-1 John preserves his dignity and has a controlled vacation experience reasonably and enjoys the slight modification to his daily routine (Saturn). 
200-1 John doesn't think about Saturn once during his trip. (Jupiter)

Thanks for your attention, as always. For me, I hope John has a fantastic time with his lovely wife, Jen! Enjoy your second honeymoon, you crazy kids!



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