Saturday, September 12, 2015

Meeting of the Astrological Minds: Blog Assistance Brainstorming Meeting

Mercury: Thanks for coming, everyone! I'm really excited to give John a hand for this vacation. He really deserves it. So let's get to it!

[Lady Moon raises her hand]

Mercury: [laughing] Lady Moon, we're thrilled you're here. But you don't have to raise your hand...just jump right in!

Moon: Thanks, Mercury. I was thinking perhaps we could do a theme...maybe we could all write on the same topic. It would probably flow better.

Mercury: Great suggestion! Any opinions?

Jupiter: I'm all for a theme.

Mars: Sounds like a plan...having a goal in mind is always good!

Venus: FUN! Who wouldn't want to cooperate? We can all work together!

Saturn: Well, I'm all for harmony...

Mercury: Why do I suspect there's a "BUT" coming, Old Man?

Saturn: Don't start deducing what I'm going to say next, Mercury. But in this case...

Mercury: What's the problem? You don't want a theme?

Saturn: I'm concerned that any theme that we decide on is one that I'm not going to like.

Mercury: But we haven't even discussed any ideas. Why don't YOU start with an idea?

Saturn: Well, I'm not a fan of themes because it's hard for me write to fit a theme...I'm not that creative. But as long as everyone plays by the same rules, I guess I'm OK with it. I'll do my best.

Mercury: OK then. That's all we can ask for.

Neptune: I've been thinking about music lately.

Mercury: That's...not unusual, Nep.

Neptune: But what about if we did a musical-themed blog tour?

Mars: What do we write about? I don't know anything about music!

Neptune: You listen to music, right?

Mars: Fuck yeah I do! All day long.

Neptune: Well, do you have a bunch of songs or groups you like?

Mars: Yeah...but I'm not a musicologist or anything.

Neptune: You don't need to be, man. Just tell us the music that YOU like.

Venus: So like our favorite songs or groups...?

Neptune: Or whatever. That's where the freedom comes in.

Saturn: So I can write about anything I want, provided it's about music? And it can be my personal opinions?

Neptune: From you, good sir, we would expect nothing less than your unabashed candor. The answer to your question is yes.

Mercury: Excellent! I think we call it the "Planetary Blog Tour: The Music of the Stars"

Jupiter: I LOVE IT! It sounds so lofty...

Saturn: And it's dignified as well. I'm very pleased.

[Room goes silent]

Mercury: WOW. I don't know that I've ever...heard you say that, Old Man.

Saturn: Well don't think it's going to happen often. But if you think these blogs might help people to see a different side of me, and everyone follows the same rules, I'm happy to do it.

Mercury: I'm sure it will be very enlightening, Saturn. Does everyone know what they have to do?

Moon: This is my first "blog" do I just write something? I'm a little nervous...

Mercury: Yes, Lady Moon. Do you do much writing?

Moon: I sure do, but it's very private stuff, usually. I have a very extensive personal journal.

Mercury: Well feel free to share anything about your musical tastes that you're comfortable with. This is also a good way for us to get to know each other!

Uranus: It's also a good way for us outer planets to integrate with you more. I certainly am known for going my own way but...

Venus: But a common goal will help us help John better, I think. Pluto, are you also going to participate?

Pluto: Yeah, that's the plan...but I don't expect people to like the music I do.

Mercury: That's kind of the point, Pluto. We're all different and that's good. John's readers will get different perspectives.

Neptune: This is just so awesome! I can't wait to get started.

Mercury: Well, on that note...let's adjourn! Happy writing, folks!

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