Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Planetary Blog Tour: Mercury's Manic Musical Musings

Hi there! Hope you've enjoyed this blog tour! Setting it up was a lot of fun and the fact that we all worked together, well...that never happens! So it was cool.

Anyway, I've got my list last for you now. I mean, I'm the last list you'll see on this topic. Just making sure I was clear...I'm in retrograde now and things are starting to be very fuzzy in my world so I'll go for short and sweet here.

1) "Operator (That's Not the Way It Feels)" by Jim Croce--This is one of the first songs John remembered as a child, and it was one of his parents' favorite artists. Of course, many of us don't even know what an operator is anymore, or remember that Ma Bell started all this. 

2) "867-5309 Jenny" by Tommy Tutone--During the 80s we couldn't stop listening to this song. I mean, it was insane. Anyone who had that number but have been inundated with prank calls! Nowadays, everyone just texts, you know?

3) "How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?" by Prince and Alicia Keys--Both versions have their appeal, but the reason no one calls is because everyone is texting. I thought I said that earlier!

4) "Pennsylvania 6-5000" by the Glenn Miller Orchestra--Ah yes, big band in the age of numbers that involved the name of a state! Damn, that was a long time ago. Fun little tune, though. The band actually has to shout the title at various times during the song, which John will tell you from personal experience is rather irritating and takes away from the overall experience. 

5) "Crosstown Traffic" by Jimi Hendrix--I really enjoy this tune. Thankfully my commute is a short one. Folks who live in big cities probably wouldn't say the same, unless you're taking public transit, another one of the areas I cover. 

6) "www.email.com" by Prince--When the Internet was starting to become self-aware...I mean, when it was starting to grown in accessibility and popularity, Prince came out with this smooth cool hit.

7) "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin--This song is all about me right now. It's much harder to avoid when I'm in retrograde, right?

8) "Jive Talkin'" by the Bee Gees--A fantastic hit from the era of disco and Saturday night fever. Glad I wasn't the bass player...I tried it once on Rock Band and it was a total bitch kitty!

9) The group "Talking Heads" and their album "Speaking in Tongues--How awesome is that??

10) "Traveling Without Moving" by Jamiroquai--The song is unexpectedly good! Who knew?

Anyway, hope I'm not treating you too badly. And if I didn't apologize yet for anything I might do to your life...sorry!

Thanks for tuning in for the blog hop! John will be back once he manages to recover from his vacation! :)  

PS Oh shit...I forgot that I'm "Mercury, the Messenger" in Holst's "The Planets" suite. Whatever. 

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